Will You Marry Me?


Adam Levine’s Little Sweet Heart

If Adam Lavine and Behati Prinsloo’s marriage really freaks out someone then this is the very cute girl in this video. How much she loves Adam Lavine and Marron5 will be depicted only by her expressions.
Okay let’s have a watch now...

What Is Love?

Love is the energy you see in others

Life is a Game | Love Is The Prize

Life’s a game made for everyone
And love is the prize


10 Habits That Can Change Your Life

The Chit Alarm(Waking up early):
One non-alarm way of getting up early is to write the target time you want to wake up at on a small piece of paper and keep in under your pillow. More often than not, you will wake up just minutes before the target time. I call it the chit-alarm.

When stuck in traffic & annoyed, sing loudly. More importantly, destroy the song. Create your own tune, rhythm, lyircs etc. In fact, before you leave home, mentally prepare a list of songs that you will sing(& destroy) while in traffic. Helps a great deal to beat traffic stress & gain some popularity on the road.

When you run, breathe through your mouth. I have seen people close their mouth while running and trying to breathe only through the nose. Get all holes of your body in action if you can, helps to get more oxygen to the lungs and makes running wonderful.

Talk to at least a single stranger everyday. Thus you will have a huge fan following and at least one of them is going to be by your death bed.

Love your spouse. Unconditionally:
Let him/her win arguments. If you want your ego to not come in the way of one relationship, it is the one with your spouse. Everything falls in place if spouse is happy.

Before going for a competitive event, say running, badminton, cricket or a tennis match, get on to youtube and watch some world class videos of epic matches, points and runs. It will boost your energy levels and confidence to a different level.

When waiting to click a selfie or a photograph, we tend to get serious or bored most of the times. One trick is to get into a mimic/stupid mode and make fun of yourself (just before the click). 99 times out of 100, you will end up laughing at your own stupidity and the photo will look much better than it would have.

The formal and boring image of you. (FYI: This is not me)
The formal and boring image of you. (FYI: This is not me)
Do something Funny, Stupid and enjoy.
Do something Funny, Stupid and enjoy. It will also get you towards a better picture.










Stop watching cricket, play it instead:
Cricket, especially in India is on overdose mode. Cricket, unlike football is a longer game time wise, and can eat out days of productivity out of your life. Love cricket so much? Go play it with your friends. Play gully cricket if there is lack of space, but don’t watch it.

Under promise, over deliver:
This simply delights people. You don’t even have to work harder.
The opposite has nasty effects, especially when it comes to promising to your boss or wife. With friends, you are fine though. They understand everything!

Out of sight, out of mind:
This holds true for relationships, love, tasks, to-do lists and goals.
Want to set a goal and feel “keeping it in your mind”10 is good enough? All the best!
Post-it notes are one of mankind’s biggest inventions. Write things out. Keep them in front of you.
In the matters of the heart, especially when you are in the process of building relationships, showing up is essential. Just being present, in sight can lead to favorable situations.