Adarsh or Ishta! What shall I choose & Why?

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Choosing between Adarsh & Ishta


The word ideology is termed as Adarsha in Sanskrit. It means to follow an idea in the things that one has to do in his life. It has an impersonal element. But when one follows a personality , it is called as Ishta. Suppose someone’s ideology is to serve humanity , this service is an impersonal element.

Social service is not a thing you can love or through which you can express your heart’s sorrows and pleasures. You cannot make it the best of ideals, the ultimate ideal of your life. Therefore, social service is an impersonal entity and it is an ideology. I should do everything for my liberation and also for the welfare of humanity. This is ideology.


Meaning of Ideology

The other meaning of the word ideology is mirror. When we look at it, we can observe ourselves. Each one should follow his ideology. Human life is an ideological flow. One can award recognition to another to the extent that one even follows his ideology. The life of man devoid of ideology is lacking. Whatever power you have, you must utilise it to the maximum. After you have done your best and there is still need for more power, then God will give you more.

All powers come from God; whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. The Lord grants these powers to those who are engaged in working for the welfare of others and are performing benevolent deeds.You will not have to ask for powers. The second important thing is courage. Courage comes according to power; they go together. A man who is powerless is also a coward.


How Ideology Relates Ishta

What is the relationship between hat is the relationship between ishta and ideology? Without ishta one cannot establish himself in ideology . For example: About 35 years ago, a war was going on between two countries, the citizens of which had the same religion (Buddhist). When the soldiers went to war, their mothers used to pray to Buddha to save the lives of their respective sons.

What will Buddha do?

Save this man or that man?

Both have the same ishta but both parties have totally forgotten their ideology. If they were established in ideology , they would not have gone to war. So man should follow both ideology and ishta .


Ishta is Important

Ishta tells us about our ideology . We remember our ideology through ishta. If somebody says that he has no ishta, it means he has no courage. Without establishing oneself in his ishta, man cannot become an ideologist. What needs to be done by the spiritual aspirant? The aspirant has to remove this veil of ego. If you remove the ego, you will become a devotee and surely you will reach Divinity . There is nothing more to be done. We have to do mental invocation and not extroversial worship. You surrender your mind to the Divine and the rest will be taken care of. Those who are ready to centre their minds on Him will be established in their ishta. They will be victorious.

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regsvr32 The Module Failed To Load The Specified Module Could Not Be Found

Register a dll in Windows

To register/install a dll with windows you just execute some simple commands using command-prompt or power-shell whatever you prefer. I prefer Command prompt and attaching the screen-shots from CMD. Anyway both goes the same way for these commands.

  1. Copy the dll to System32
  2. Open Command prompt in Admin Mode “Run as Admin”.
  3. Change directory to Windows\System32\
  4. run command regsvr32.exe yourdll.dll (this line register your dll with system)

If you have a 32-bit operating system you are done. hopefully it will register the mentioned component to your system.


The regsvr32 Error

But if you have a 64-bit system it can pop you the error saying

“The Module Failed To Load The Specified Module Could Not Be Found”

This happens because you may be trying to register a 32-bit dll within your 64-bit window’s system. So what’s now?

Solution: Register a dll (Window’s 64-bit)

  1. Locate folder SysWow64 nearby System32 in Windows folder.
  2. Copy the dll file to this folder
  3. Now open command prompt and try to install using same commands.

Hopefully you will not get the same error now, and dll is registered to your windows OS.

But Why All This & Who Is This SysWOW64?


This error generally occurred when you try to register 32-bit dll by copying it to System32. But when your fire the application Regsvr32.exe , it actually looks for the file in SysWow64 folder and throws the error “File Not Found!” because you are sitting on a 64-bit machine.

So once you place the file in SysWow64 it works. Cheers 🙂

Is Intellect really Important?

There is nothing wrong with acquisition and enjoyment per se. What would be our life if we never acquired anything or enjoyed anything! The world has so many wonderful things. It would be indeed a sad soul who could not enjoy what this world has to offer.Acquiring things too is necessary . How would we live productively in this world had we not got the means for survival?
We need today the computer and the cellphone just like early man needed fire. All our discoveries have made our lives so much more convenient. And we would be indeed foolish not to benefit from modern discoveries. Thus acquisition and enjoyment are a part of life. The problem is: we often behave as if it was the whole of life!

A simple illustration can show up the difference. A little sweet after a meal is enjoyable. It is desirable. But if we substitute the meal with the sweet what substitute the meal with the swee would happen? We would get fed up with it. We would gain no nutrition. Acquiring more sweets would not only be no longer enjoyable, but also positively distasteful; even harmful.

No wonder people say they are tired of their lives ­ work, parties, clothes, holiday homes. The attempt to acquire and enjoy more is not giving them the anticipated happiness.

Not only that, this attitude is ruining their character and life. Imagine eating only sweets. So too mere acquisition and enjoyment will cause problems! It is no doubt important what one achieves. But it is also important what one becomes while achieving it.An acquisition is not permanent while one’s character is. Besides, what we possess doesn’t help us sleep at night.Character does! Character is having an intellect. Intellect is the power of discrimination. Every human has it in varying degrees. And we can all develop it further.

Discrimination tells us good from bad, right from wrong, appropriate from inappropriate.

The intellect governs the mind.

The mind in us is the child.It demands constantly . And the more it gets the more it wants. It is not capable of discrimination, of understanding effects and consequences. It wants only instant gratification. It is the intellect’s role to discriminate, to consider effects, to choose actions sensibly . The mind tends to get unidimensional. It wants something and keeps wanting it, ignoring all else. And that’s where all our problems start. We forget every other thing in the pursuit of acquisition and enjoyment.But there is a lot more to life. And in that `more’ our happiness truly lies. If we expand our vision even a bit we will see so many more things. Those things will give us that elusive happiness that acquisition and enjoyment didn’t bring.

Human life is designed for higher vision. To expand our awareness to include other people beyond our family; to include other creatures; to include higher ideals and noble thoughts; to seek the welfare of the world. Vasudaiva kutumbakam. The world is my family .

Every animal lives for acquisition and enjoyment. Humans too have it.But humans are heir to so much more.To so much more satisfaction, to so much more bliss. Why have we denied ourselves our birthright?

Puneripana at It’s Best

पुणेरीपणा म्हणजे काय हे शिकण्यासाठी एक माणूस पुण्याला गोखले यांच्याकडे आला.

गोखले दारातच उभे होते. त्यांच्यातील संवाद :

-तुम्ही हा जो पायजमा घातला आहे तो किती दिवस वापरणार ?

-एक वर्ष !

-त्यानंतर फेकून देणार ?

-नाही ! त्यानंतर आमची सौ त्याच्या हाफ चड्ड्या बनविते.

-त्या तो किती दिवस वापरतो ?

-अन्दाजे एक वर्ष.

-मग ?

-त्यानन्तर त्याची आम्ही पिलोकव्हर बनवितो. ती साधारण सहा महीने वापरता येतात.

-मग ?

-मग त्या फाटलेल्या कव्हरचा उपयोग मी सायकल पुसायला करतो.

-मग ते तुकडे टाकून देता ?

-नाही ! त्यानन्तर सायकलची चेन किंवा अन्य तेलकट भाग पुसायला आम्ही ते तुकडे वापरतो, अन्दाजे सहा महीने पुरतात.

-त्यानन्तर तरी ते मळकट तुकडे तुम्ही टाकून देता की नाही ?

-नाही ! त्याचा आम्ही काकडा करतो आणि चूल पेटवण्यासाठी वापरतो.

-म्हणजे त्याची राखाडी होईपर्यंत तुम्ही ह्या पायजम्याची साथ सोडत नाही ?

-ती राखाडीही आम्ही भांडी घासायला वापरतो.

त्या माणसाने गोखल्यांच्या चरणांना स्पर्श केला.

Marathi Joke #6

स्थळ अर्थात पुणे

वडील :- आज तुला जितके रोझेस मिळतील तेवढे घे कोणालाच नाही म्हणू नको.
मुलगी :- का…??
वडील :- आपण गुलकंद करून खाऊ