Haunted Place In Indore | Kazi Ki Chawl

Malwa Mill, Kazi Ki Chawl and Goma Ki Fail are some of the downtown areas of Indore that known for its raw locality. There were already some mysterious incidents from this area in past but now parents also claiming these haunted activities in the latest happened incident.

Latest Incident

February, 2015 was a regular day for  Abdul Razzaq and his brother Feroz. Before his 14 year daughter found fully burnt in hallway. The child immediately admitted to a renown hospital MY Hospital ( BTW MY Hospital also known as Haunted Hospital of Indore ). But could not survive as she was almost 100% burnt.

The child poured Kerosene from her home on herself and burn herself. As Heena asked while in hospital for why she did so?  she replied:

Two girls came to me , they were pouring kerosene on themselves and asked me to company them.

Parents found that there were nobody other than family in home while incident happened, and no one seen those mysterious girls coming or going through house. Parents were in totally shock as before the incident she had dinner with family, she was absolutely normal child.

Another Victims

Vimla Bai who was with Heena’s family when they were getting child to hospital, has been seen kind of same incident before in Kazi Ki Chawl, she claimed that she too had lost her own son Dharmendra as Heena. Dharmendra also immolated self inside their house.

In Year 2013 also a same kind of event happend in same area Kazi Ki Chawl, another minor girl Aatisha, daughter of Atiq was found 100% burnt in the house. Atiq told except her daughter all the other items in house were as it is, no harm for anything else caused. In her dying declaration Aatisha also told about someone influenced her to to do so, and she did not know influences.

People living around tell the stories that no one get any clue about the immolation until the children(girls mostly). Another family also claimed that they had faced the issue when their child gone missing in 2012.

Police reports has been filed in some cases, but police also don’t have any clue about the incidental suicides. But they also feel spooky as same kind of events coming from Kazi Ki Chawl.

The paranormal activities mostly happening with minors or children, it seems someone paranormal wants to play and carry the children with it. Let’s hope it stops else …


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