Haunted Places in Kolkata National Library

Ghost places in Kokata | National Libarary

If you believe in sixth sense or the inner voice of yourself, while reaching some places you might have felt “dude! something is wrong with this place”. Everything in this world have an natural aura around itself. And generally we get a gut feeling while we are around those people and places. National Library of India is the most haunted place in Kolkata as per the believers and readers out there. Even in picture this giant structure feel spooky and frightening.

Biggest Library of India

India’s National Library which is the biggest library in India till now(if you not plan for a bigger one). let see some stats about how large the library is, and then we will go for the horror one. It has

  • Over 2,270,000 books in its shelves.
  • Over 86,000 maps defined and stored.
  • Over 3,200 manuscripts written.
  • Over 45 kilometers of shelf space, now this one really means “Large”
  • And reading rooms of this Haunted Library can accommodate over 550 people.
Wow!! what a place to read. But the place is not only famous for its large collection of journals and the books, but also has its own spooky thing that appears time to time. Sometimes it choses the readers and sometime the security guards face the horror side of this place. Regular timings seems okay because there are so many people around you, and even something unexpected happens you blame to crowd beside you or other people. But just imagine the odd time when there are only 10-15 people a library having shelves of 45 Kilometers, then a small breath can be heard or felt by you.
History of the haunted library

The history of the National Library began with the formation of the Calcutta Public Library in 1836.

That was a non-governmental institution and was run on a proprietary basis. People contributing 300 (US$4.50) in subscription became the proprietors. Prince Dwarkanath Tagore was the first proprietor of that Library. ₹ 300 at that time was a significant amount, so poor students and others were allowed free use of the library for some period of time.

Lord Metcalfe, the Governor General at that time, transferred 4,675 volumes from the library of the College of Fort William, Kolkata to the Calcutta Public Library. This and donations of books from individuals formed the nucleus of the library.

The Calcutta Public Library had a unique position as the first public library in South Asia. Such a well-organized and efficiently run library was rare even in Europe during the first half of the 19th century. But later on it also get its name famous for the horror stories in Kolkata.

Why Is It haunted

The Old Picture of Ghost Places in Kolkata


The second Incident

In early nineties, The British Government had ordered a renovation of the old block and construction of a new complex. During renovation around twelve labors lost their lives in an accident at the site after one another. Its a bad sign in India if someone lost his life in a new or under construction building. Later it is said that even to this day, the spirits of those labors lurks inside the new complex.

The first Incident

And it went further more. The original building was the residence of the British Governor Generals and his wife(Lady Matcalfe) was so keen about the cleanliness of the place. Then with time the building converted to a library. Even now, if you visit the library’s main reading room, and keep yourself busy amidst a pile of books scattered over, you’d feel her breath down your neck.

Each one of above incidents is real and known fact as per Kolkata’s locals. So someone from 10 of the labors and one of the Lady resident can be there anytime with you reading the books, you not need to feel alone.

The third one

Moreover the people tell a story about the place. Once there was a student of reputed college of Kolkata, he was a English grad and visits this haunted place for collecting study notes about Victorian Era from a large collection of books here which was stacked at one obscure corner of the building. He met with an accident and died just nearby the main gate of the library after one such visit. it is believed that the spirit of this student still attends the library, specially in that corner where he has to sit and read.

there is something about this strange ghost building which is out of our control, someone else controls the thing here many times. Its very strange that how construction issues arises inside the building complex sometimes and they are miraculously solved in later. There are also some frightening experiences with the security guards doing their night duties at the place that they have heard footsteps of former Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, who used to resides in the same building.

I would like to add just one thing again

Some powers are bigger than anyone, we all are same for them.
It may help you sometime and will call it divine.  And if it forces you to stop doing something, you’ll call it Eerie.

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