Scrapy Installation Guide (Windows)

Scrapy On Windows

If you are reading this post most probably you want to setup scrapy on a window’s machine. You will find many articles that says its really easy to setup scrapy on mac or setup scrapy on Linux. But I tell you its really really easy to set it up for Window’s machine.

Required pieces of software

For installing Scrapy on your PC you basically need Python 2.7 , pip and SetupTools (needed on windows). pip get packaged with python for windows, so we have to set some PATH variables and get setup tools installed. Let’s start:


Scrapy Installation

Download Python 2.7 for Window’s from this link for windows or go browse Python’s Website  a little before doing this. If you are just like my Lazy Sundays or eager to get it done as fast as you can, just Click here and Run the official msi file of Python 2.7  that can run directly onnyour windows machine.

pip is the other thing you want to install, but its get installed with above download. we need pip to install plugins used with python called packages.

Now we need to install setup tools. and here is the link just click on it and run.(For Windows without PowerShell 3 or for installation without a command-line, download using your preferred web browser or other technique and “run” that file.)

You need to adjust PATH environment variable to include paths to the Python executable and additional scripts.
The following paths need to be added to PATH:

 If you have not changed the path where python has been installed, to update the PATH open Command prompt and run:
c:\python27\python.exe c:\python27\tools\scripts\
Close the command prompt window and reopen it so changes take effect.
Run the following command and check it shows the expected Python version:
python --version
 If you see your python version 2.7.10 , you are good to go for pip installation. But you already did it in points 1 and 2; So just check if its already installed.
pip --version
 It should show you something like pip 7.0.1 from your drive location.
So you can go for scrapy installation now. you should use pip to install various python packages. So this time for scrapy just open command prompt if you have closed it and put below commands in it:

pip install scrapy

That’s it. just sit and watch(possibly anything other than black and white command prompt window). It will install scrapy on your windows machine.

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