No Hand Bicycling

How you felt when your car’s tire got flattens in countryside and you had to change/fix it by  yourself. Didn’t it feel like hell doing it. It might be a little easy if you would having a bicycle at the time; But what if you don’t have your hand with you and then do it by yourself without any help. You are imagining  it. Good !!

If you are stuck in somewhere and feeling Oh my god its too hard to do, This man can prove you wrong. Everyone has their own struggles through life, and they develop the power to confront it. That’s how nature works. Its not that difficult to this after a 100 times for him too, but we should notice the struggle and failure when he must have started it a long ago, appreciation for the feeling that he has for himself of doing this successfully.

So next time you think something is difficult, watch this.

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