Sunlight Grid | The Perfect Eco-friendly Windows

Sunlight Grid | The Perfect Eco-friendly Windows Sunlight Grid | The Perfect Eco-friendly Windows

As we believe and see around us, we feel we have achieved a lot during the evolution. Nowadays we just push a button to switch on the lights or moreover just get our phones out-of-pocket and launch an application to control the ambiance and temperature of our house. We have certainly progressed a lot, but one thing I really missed in new generation inventions or progress is architecture.

Although we are making sky scraper these days, which are so tough and resistant for almost every kind of atmospheric changes(some exceptions are always there to destroy us, keeping that apart). But really are we making our environment based on self-reliance and ecosystems. I don’t know why we are not thinking of architectural designs that get their need done with renewable energy sources.

This image taken at City Palace, Udaipur in Rajasthan (other interesting story from Udaipur) reminds me how interesting was the old architecture beautiful and useful as well.

There is lot difference between looking beautiful and being beautiful.

some other Grids worth a watch:
The Quite Path

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat.”


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