The Secret Recipe of Confidence

The Secret Recipe of Confidence

Yes This is a question and it matters  for every human being, I really don’t know how it works for other species and aliens but it really matter

s a lot for us.

So I ask you that question now:

Are your confident?

really!! If it’s a yes this post is possibly not fit for you, as we are going to learn some really easy and adaptable techniques in next 10mins.

First of all let me tell you I have two lives. Yes!! believe me, and you too lie in this category. Everyone of us have two lives – the life we are living and the other life that we want to live someday. The ultimate hurdle making our life divided in two-part is self-doubt and the thought of the messed-up future image that we see for any of our idea.

But if you want to realise your potential and leading a happier and fulfilling life, the only way is to believe in yourself.

If you can think of it, you can do it.


And if you are keen on boosting your confidence – there’s a good news; like any other skill, confidence can be built and improved upon. And here’s how we start.

The 3 biggest myth about Self Confidence

It’s something you are born with.

self-confidence is something you learn through your journey of life, definitely your mom dan dad’s dna can help you out a little bit, but around 80% of it depends on your own.

I would feel more confident if I knew I’d succeed at something new.

Oops, not true!! How you know you will succeed/fail if you’ve never tried? uncertainty is cool, enjoy it. You lose-lose and you win. This is how it happens. And who knows you can win it at first.

And the worst one

Once its gone, its gone for ever.

Ahha… the real Dumbo is here. It’s not like your birth and death that you face once in life. Yes might be harder to get back on the ladder, but if you try it harder you will be on your position again.


Now let see how can we build it using simple and regular things of our chaos. Building confidence: a day-to-day approach.


Lead with your strength


Work to your strength. Organize your day to focus on what you are good at.


Reminding yourself of past success will keep you engaged, positive and self-assured. Also once you will make you focused task done, you will get boost to do something which may be little harder than this.


Monitor your success


Start your day by making a realistic challenge or task list to be completed or better make to-do list. Once you are done with one thing, Go! Run! Strike it out on your list.


Every time a job is crossed off, you are adding a visible pattern of achievement, as you cross it on list you pass a message to brain that you have done it. And you appreciate yourself while doing this.

Talk to different people


It’s not that hard. Next time when you go shopping or grocery, smile and strike up a conversation with salesperson or cashier at the end. ask him how is he/she doing today… that’s it so simple.


Reminding You will realize most of the people around you are friendly and there is nothing to fear or hide ourself from society. All of us are mostly same, we just wait someone to start it. Go make it your own and you’ll see this becomes easier after some efforts.


Try something new


What are you doing this weekend, doing clothes, cleaning your room and the regular stuff. Go try something new. I am sure you are reading this post using internet, use it wisely sometime, look online for happening local group activities or nearby public events and sign-up to some.


Doing is the thing that make you stronger. Do what you are not comfortable to and learn, do it publicly, don’t be shy. Once you go out and try out different things you will better with world and also learn those activities. It’s a win win situation.

Be Spontaneous


Who said parties and night outs are bad for us. Rather than finding reasons for not attending, go join an event you are invited to. You can not be the same crazy in old age as you can b today. Go rock it!


A lot planning and what-if is not gonna help you always. Try to be a part of something that you are not comfortable of, you will find you are getting more cultured and friendly this way.


Travel Solo Sometimes


Decide some trips with yourself. Travelling solo is awesome.


Self confidence is best developed with the help of self-reliance. When you have no one familiar you will certainly go for new ones, and if not at least you will be accomplished it on your own. So both of the sides of coin is yours. Win!


Be Friendly and Humble


Don’t you like to be  with a person who’s friendly and polite with others. Help others around you. You will feel your power by itself.


I think you would like you be with a person who is friendly, helping and polite. Who will not, right? So why don’t you be one. Start helping others, be friendly and get attention, this will boost you inside out.

And at the end of the post, Confidence is not a product. Don’t try to generate or produce it. It’s a byproduct live beautiful , help others, talk, smile, be honest and you will get it. Go live.


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