What’s Her Skirt Size!

 Men’s perspective towards Women‘s skirt!

Believe it or not this world is dominated by men and will be if Women will just sit and watch the men driving it. Women are considered as they are made for some purposes and they should feel comfortable while controlled by men and their so called laws(mannerism, that only has its rules for women and children mostly).

Though this is truth, women also have been always tried to fit in the demanding sizes and according shapes that has been defined by this lure and pervert society. How will it really feel if a man is judged on his weird hairs or dirty clothes, moreover what if he would be considered a hormonal man if he has long mustache.

The character of a Women in all over the world have been judged by the dresses she wear, or if I say it clearly the size of the clothes covering her body. Women are mostly considered just a body image that should look sexy and cheeky if she is not your sister/mother or wife. This is absorbed by our culture, respect a woman worth is totally judged by the clothes she wear, the heels she use or the how deep her neckline is.

However a group of students from Miami Ad School Hamburg, Germany with Theresa Wlokka challenging this arrogant and cheap notion with their art and photo campaign they did. Each of their photo clearly shows that Women’s worth should not depend on the size of heels or the skirt she wears. We should not look her neckline as the parameter of the character she own. Let’s have a look at these brave pictures.

Don’t measure a woman’s worth by her high heels!
Don’t measure a woman’s worth by her neckline!

I hope the courage and effort of these students can make a change in our society.

If you like it..Cheers and Shares!!


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