Hot Girls Wanted | The Movie of Porn

Hot Girls Wanted in Sundance Film Festival

Porn Porn Porn

Yes I  am repeating the word PORN, And I am repeating it so your mind processes it and you get the most obvious horny and sexy images of hot and glamorous guys and girls flying in the backyard of your eyes. But hey give me a minute, its not totally your fault, so whatever you are thinking about PORN is not because you are fantasized or addicted about it, but its because you don’t know the story behind the picture. Our mind generate these images based on whatever it knew about the subject. So you are just watching it in your dreamy eyes because its been taught in that way.

So you are heartily welcome to the digital age of PORN. The top 4 amateur porn sites average over 41 million hits per month. Every day nearly 11K girls turn eighteen in USA as per United State Census Bureau( Most of these girls studies in High Schools and celebrating this free and interesting time of their life on their own. In this age they feel super confident , bold and beautiful; many of them got attracted to the glamour world or something that can give them a lot of money in an instant. Youngsters wants to be famous in seconds and so they do whatever they have to.

The trap makers reach these youngsters through various channels like Craigslist, dating websites, social sites and clubs/pubs during weekends, some of them find their victims through modelling or radio jobs down the city. They already know that as one crosses the age of 23-24 she/he got matured about their life; so they also go for chicks around 18 – 23years. They treat them so well and provide all the facilities they were thinking about a day before. Youngsters wants money and they are provided more than enough of it.

Once these girls are in the business, they realize where the hell they are, the all has same stories, like I wish parents dont get to know about it, but unfortunately they will definitely get it sometime. Entering in this loophole is certainly a hell lot more easy than to get your ass out of it.

This year Hot Girls Wanted in Sundance Film Festival 2015 is an official entry under exceptional merit in documentary. The movie is a documentary about PORN, the Internet and The girl next door. Makers tried to show how the girl next door turns a PORN STAR. This shows exactly how all this happens that trap these youngsters in PORN Industry, and how they can make you a PORN STAR (and steal your life in return).

Appreciation goes to the producer Rashida Jones, directors Jill Bauer/ Ronna Gradus and team; they came up with a phenomenal social subject with a revealing touch.

Hot Girls Wanted already has a good rating of 6.2 on IMDB and nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards.

Some of the porn actors John Anthony, Brooklyn Daniels and some famous personalities Sasha Grey, Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski and Farrah Abraham also appearing in the movie.

Lets wait for the Hot Girls Wanted movie and and enjoy the Official Trailer and Hot Girls Wanted Movie Review for now.

Hot  Girls Wanted will shock and outrage audiences in equal measure.

– Geoff Berkshire,

Let me know your views in comments.


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