Sydney Homeless Connect

Fokat ka Gyan | Sydney Homeless Connect 2015
Sydney Homeless Connect 2015 | Fokat Ka Gyan

I was going through the facebook and a strange photo-album made my eyes glued on it. Someone has shared the pictures of annual day of Sydney Homeless Connect 2015. Around 50% gathered people are wearing a bright orange shirt and helping the other 50% of crowd. It was a big hall where some of them giving nice haircut, soothing foot or body massage, some law firms giving advice and some of these Orange short guys/girls spreading Free Hugs.

I gone through the album, facebook page of Sydney Homeless Connect and then their website.

Sydney Homeless Connect is 100% volunteer run and powered by donations. Everything that Sydney Homeless Connect achieves for the disadvantaged people of Sydney is because of the generosity of the hundreds of volunteers and organizations that give either their time, expertise or resources. On the day itself, we connect around 3000 guests and volunteers with one another in an atmosphere of joy and mutual respect.

Being 100% volunteer run and not-for-profit means that Sydney Homeless Connect relies on the generosity of the people and companies who give their time, supplies and expertise to help people less fortunate. Our Supporters provide everything from donating food so we can feed our guests a hearty hot lunch, to tea and coffee supplies, printing services for our invitations and the Services Guide book, travel services, photography, massages, medical and dental attention, haircuts, and many more.

Here is a glimpse one of the homeless shared:

“I’ve been homeless for a while. I try and sleep in secret, safe places, and I’ve lived in some hostels.

Coming here [to Homeless Connect] is like Christmas. I’ve got some clothes and food today; it’s like a Christmas that I never get to celebrate usually.”

You may know more about them at:
Sydney Homeless Connect | Facebook
Sydney Homeless Connect | Official website

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