Enjoyment | 5 Rs Cut

Enjoyment : 5 Rupey Cut
Enjoyment : 5 Rupey Cut

I was in this city Hoshangabad after a long time, a very long time actually that I can not remember even a thing except Narmada
The sun was setting down, flames were setting up & I was waiting for my friend(a Girl) to pick me up for a walk in her city. So went to this walkie-talkie guy who is complaining: why everything is being messed up by me today? and I was telling him don’t worry make 1 cup of tea for me, and believe me this is gonna be the best chai/tea 🍵 of today. I don’t know if my words did something or at last he succeeded to get something special off the day; The Tea was absolute power for me in this chilly evening.As I appreciated about this he was like … would you like one more? and before I said “yes” he made his stove flaming a volcano !!!

I enjoyed a couple of his love and checked the roads around for her, but feeling addicted came to him again for a couple more ...

4th cup of Enjoyment @Hoshangabad
4th cup of Enjoyment @Hoshangabad

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