Garba: Oppa Indian Style

This was the third time I am trying to watch “Garba” ( cultural dance nights during Navratri festival in India ) this year in Abhay Prashal Indore.

First time I had not get a place to enter because the hall was already full, second time I manged to leave the office on time and reached there on time but it was a celebrity visiting there and again I just got a glimpse of the group dancing on the floor.

It was my only my third time, I went office a little early, left before and finally manged a decent place to this descent view of the beautiful dancing group, enjoyed a lot!!!

Special “Thanks” to be mentioned for arranging entries without a gate pass by my friend ND.

Garba Abhay Prashal Indore.

a tiny submition for : “(Extra)ordinary.”

4 thoughts on “Garba: Oppa Indian Style

  1. What a colourful dance festival! It looks very lively and energetic too, seeing all those dancers twirling around on the dance floor like no one’s watching. Glad you got in the third time – third time’s certainly the charm 🙂

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