Don’t read … it’s harmful (motivational)

Use Flowers Not Guns
Use Flowers Not Guns

This time it isn’t my picture/video , even the story isn’t mine. You have read the title of the post, but again I request you not to read the article.
and here the story begins:

This story is about a farmer, spending his time joyfully with his family. Once he bought a shotgun and started shooting various birds daily.

within a month he got famous in village as “Hunter“. His family was also happy as the were cooking different birds these days because of this ‘Bird Hunting‘.

One day his daughter-in-law told him about the tasty flesh of rabbit. Actually she was indirectly asking him for “Rabbit” this time. Farmer promised her a rabbit this weekend.

He tried till 2 in night to find a rabbit through the farm and at last found one. He set the target and shot a bullet, but missed. But rabbit was not lucky that night, farmer got his shot right second time.

Even being-shot rabbit ran away in darkness of night. Next morning farmer seen a small rabbit covered its face in blood. He get shocked and followed it.

As he reached near the fence of his farm he found the rabbit he shot last night. It was a female rabbit, and children rabbits were drinking its blood thinking of milk-feeding. Watching the scene farmer got his eyes moist and felt so ashamed of his act. That day he arrived home empty-handed.

His daughter-in-law asked him about prey. He replied:

The animals we kill also has small kids like us, should we keep-on this ravage of animals just for a tasty dinner ??

she was speechless …..


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