Haunted Place In Indore | Footi Kothi

The Story behind the picture starts under the Sun on the bike. After the horrible viva(Major Project on Open Source Software in India) we had. We were on the way while I told him to visit some place to forget the Poor Viva Performance in college and thus we reached this place.

It was a massive ruined building built with red stone. On Ground floor there was a temple without any door, although it has proper structure to fit the door has no door in it. Anyways nearby there are many rooms I let the temple to explore it. I got in one of room, this has opening to another room and that was darker. As I entered a guy appeared in front of me and shouted in Hindi “Get out from here.., go upside from stairs behind…. this isn’t your area”. The dark room and shouting guy really frightened me at the time. Somehow I hide my fear from my friend and moved outside.

I was feeling something weird about the place and people out here, Anyways at least we found right way to go to first floor, And the first thing I noticed here is an incomplete staircase.

There are well structured walls and beautiful crafted pillars/columns to support the roof, But it has no any Roof. Again there are many rooms connecting each other, And One more thing I found repeating was ‘No Doors at All

Now one thing was clear to me, the building was not ruined by time, it was left incomplete intentionally.

I found a person smoking there asked him,

‘Are you localite’ ?
He replied rudely: ‘why are you asking’

I got my answer through his attitude (a Big YES) and fired next question

Do you know who built it ?? and why its incomplete ???
He replied: “This was a dream of Holkar Empire to have this building here.Maharajah Holkar, the ruler of Indore started it But he could not get it completed.”

King tried to construct the building many-times but every-time something destructive happened and it could not get completed, so he left it as is, till first floor. He even brought a door fixer and mason from England, but they also failed. A mysterious gale would blow and sweep the doors away. The Maharajah then abandoned the mansion. Since then this building is lying forlorn and barren.

It is also being told that on the dark night of the moon some eerie things happen here.

We were nearly outside while this question answered by him in detail, I was also feeling little relaxed getting out of here and asked him the final question

He was the King of this City, he would have been Powerful, why he couldn’t get it completed ????
and I got a ‘less scientific and more philosophical’ answer…
Some Powers are bigger than anyone, everyone is same for them whether it is King or Beggar.
These Powers may help you sometime, that time you call it DIVINE; and it may stop you doing something, and you call it EERIE.

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      1. The ‘cartoonist’? But of course. Really an artist, ‘never ending or beginning, like an…..ever spinning wheel.”


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