Text Search In SQL Server

How good is that if we can search for a text or string in our whole database?, Whether its a procedure, table or view the query should return the objects containing the string or char passed.

I am thankfull of Nandan Kumarawat who gave me this one. After asking him same thing time to time I blogged it here to make his life easy 😛

So let’s see some code now.

Query get you all the objects under the selected database containing the “text” set in sql variable. And also get you the object type. So you are good to know if this is stored procedure or view or anything-else.

DECLARE @Search varchar(255)
SET @Search='[]'
    o.name AS Object_Name,o.type_desc
    FROM sys.sql_modules        m 
        INNER JOIN sys.objects  o ON m.object_id=o.object_id
    WHERE m.definition Like '%'+@Search+'%'
    ORDER BY 2,1

And here the output looks like:



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